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Fellowship Ministries at RMZ

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry at RMZ is here to encourage, equip and energize the men of RMZ to become all God has purposely created them to be through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Men's Ministry is here to:

-Bring men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ;

-Unite men in Bible Study, prayer, ministry, fellowship and accountability;

-Promote mentoring to males of all ages that lead to significant relationships; and

-Design service programs/projects that will benefit the church & community while utilizing their gifts.

Women's Ministry

Just imagine...going after your dreams without fear! Speaking with words that are full of joy & inspiring others, the Women's Ministry at RMZ exist for reaching, teaching and nurturing the women of our church and community. The goals of The Women's Ministry are to:

-Reach women through the transforming power & love of Jesus Christ;

-Build wholeness & balance through consistent prayer and study of God's Word;

-Provide an atmosphere for women to develop their gifts, abilities & lasting relationships; and

-Care for the other women in our church and community.

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