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Fine Arts Ministries at RMZ

Music Ministries

The Music Ministries at RMZ are commissioned to lead the congregation into a spiritual atmosphere of praise and worship through vocal and instrumental accompaniments while musically gloryfying the presence of God in worship service, through workshops and during rehearsals.

The available music ministries at RMZ include:

-The Inspirational Voices;

-The Male Chorus;

-The Small Ensemble;

-Youth & Young Adults; and

-The Mass Choir.

Praise Dancers

The Dance Ministries at RMZ are committed to worshipping and praising The Lord through various visual forms. The Bible tells us that dance was used as a form of praise and worship to The Lord. Our purpose it to help build The Kingdom by inspiring in others a greater relationship with Jesus Christ as we bring to life the heart of God, using words and music, through dance.

Zion Steppers

Zion Steppers is a ministry of talented youth between grades 5-12 that uniquely praise The Lord through sound, dance, stepping and miming. The Zion Steppers desire to uplift The Kingdom of God with boldness using their God-given talents. We believe that If we live in the spirit, let us also step in the spirit (Galatians 5:25).

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