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Youth & Education Ministries at RMZ

The Youth Ministries of RMZ

The Youth Ministries at RMZ are committed to providing our youth with the fundamental basics of being a Christian so they can:

(1) KNOW Christ...(2) GROW in Christ...(3) BECOME like Christ...(4) GO and Serve in Christ's Love!


We encourage our youth to accept and believe Christ as the means to salvation. Our youth actively participate in worship so that they understand the importance of service. A few of the youth ministries offered here at RMZ inlcude:

-The Girl Scouts

-The Boy Scouts

-Children's Church

-Sisters of Zion

-Zion Steppers

For a complete list of Youth Ministries at RMZ, please contact the church office.

The Christian Education Ministries at RMZ

The general purpose of the Christian Education Ministries at RMZ is to provide, develop and promote programs that equip individuals for discipleship. Biblical teaching and learning are the essential elements of the ministry. By actively participating in these ministries, individuals are able to cultivate the necessary tools and skills needed to lead others to Christ, and allow them to grow spiritually in a community of believers.

Church School provides religious instruction. Church School is about discipleship, fellowship, and growing and learning about Christ. Church School teaches biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life.

Worship On Wednesday (W.O.W.) provides a mid-week "pick-me-up." W.O.W. us hosted weekly beginning at 6:30pm in the Small Chapel. W.O.W. provides further instructions to live and be more like Christ, while recharging your spiritual batter to make it through the remainder of the week.

New Member Workshops offer a basic introduction to the Church and instruction on basic principles of what Baptists believe. New Member Workshops help everyone in the church to be "on the same page." In addition, these workshops provide an opportunity for new members to get to know the leaders of the church as well as other members, and what is expected as not only a member of RMZ, but a discple of God.

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